Progress & Prayers

Ever since my trip to Italy, my spiritual study has been lacking. I recognized it and wanted to get back into it, but I could not find the motivation! Time Out For Women came to Kansas City in September and being able attend sparked that motivation. I had a chance meeting with Barbara Morgan Gardner and since I had her book in hand, she offered to sign it! I’m not starstruck, but that was pretty cool. General Conference came a month later and the news that my city was getting a temple (Bentonville, Arkansas)! The excitement during the women’s session at the stake center was crazy. I was so ready to study and ponder and further my progress, but life took a difficult turn afterward.

My mother was taken to the ER a week after conference and after getting her home, we all thought it was okay, but she was taken to the ER again the very next day. This began a 6 week long saga that I won’t go into huge detail on, but I will say that I learned much about the power of prayer and of the priesthood. I had the most horrific two days of my life, thinking that I was going to lose my mom. My mom is my best friend and I’ve always thought I would be a total basket case and might never recover from losing her. There was a moment in a waiting room where I had to have a very frank conversation with God that it would wreck me if He took her, but I would be okay; that I trusted in Him.

Prayers were answered. There’s no way to deny it. If I ever doubted in God answering prayers before, I know without a shadow of a doubt now that He does answer prayers. It’s been two months since the trouble started and a month since mom’s been home (she’s doing well) and I find myself back in a spiritual slump. However, my bishop reminded me that the gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t just about checking off a to-do list of reading scriptures and praying. It’s also about just living the gospel and I’ve been doing that – and it’s okay.

As always,
Single Mormon Lady

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