Being All In

There is a fantastic podcast by LDS Living, which is a division of Deseret Book, called “All In” that I’ve been listening to for the past year. It’s an interview style where artists and authors and other notable people share their faith. At the end of the podcast they always ask, “What does it mean to be all in the Gospel of Jesus Christ?”

I always love to hear how others answer that question, what it means to them. Hearing “all in” often makes me think of poker, even though I’ve only ever played poker once in my life. A player is so fully committed to the hand, to winning, that they bet all that they have, knowing there’s a chance they may lose everything. As I listened to an episode yesterday before church, I decided I would create a collection of all the answers and find a theme. There are over 60 answers, so this is just a highlighted list.

    • Let go and trust God.
    • Have a heart like Heavenly Father, loving as Christ would love.
    • Giving everything I am to sharing the gospel.
    • Being a witness for the Book of Mormon.
    • Be strong and valiant, but recognize I can make mistakes and know where to find redemption.
    • Stay in the covenant relationship.
    • Choose to believe and choose to understand I don’t have all the answers.
    • It’s okay to have questions and doubts and still be all in because I’m working to have a better relationship with the Savior.
    • Choosing to be a person of faith.
    • Being where God has asked me to be.
    • Doing what’s right, right now, in the moment.
    • Allow myself to be vulnerable and teachable.
    • Take action every day in the basics of what I’ve always been taught: use faith, read, pray, and act.
    • Be willing to let Christ into my life so deeply that whatever is not godly love is burned away.
    • No retreat. In it for the good and the bad, when I’m at my best and at my worst.
    • Deciding ahead of time to do whatever is asked, whatever is required.
  • What does it mean to me to be all in the Gospel of Jesus Christ? I think it means everything: committing myself completely to Christ, following in His footsteps, but also knowing I won’t be perfect in this life and that I have to use the atonement. I also like that someone else pointed out that I can be all in and doing my best, but still struggle, have questions and doubts. For too long, I was taught that I had to be perfect. It’s not possible to be perfect in this life. As long as my heart is in the right place, I’m golden.

    As always,
    Single Mormon Lady

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